Day 11: Rajas to Sattwa

By on Jan 9, 2011 in The Unruly Ascetic, Uncategorized

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Okay, so I think I am beginning to settle in.  I am feeling decidedly less manic about everything going on around me.  I told a friend last week that I had been laughing more in my first week in India than I could remember laughing in a long time (and that is saying a LOT because I laugh freely and loudly).  It was wonderful; I was constantly entertained and everything I faced brought an excitement and joy that was hard to contain. As a bit of a clown to begin with, I was more than happy to perpetuate this phenomena with cheap jokes and general gregariousness.

This has changed.  Something about the last few days has brought a mellow quality to my day to day life.  This new (more sattwic than tamasic) energy has inspired a rekindling of my meditation practice which, of course, only reinforces the calm I am feeling.  It is lovely. I am beginning to recognize the process I have in front of me, remembering that the practice was my motivation in coming here.  The people and the sights and all the new experiences are incredible (and somewhat overstimulating), but not why I came.  As this awareness has dawned I have found myself drawing somewhat inwardly, passing on breakfast and shopping dates and quartering myself in the excellent little shrine/meditation room (closet) that came ready-made with my Yogi’s abode.

So, as always, everything is perfect and wonderful (and ever changing). and I am still the luckiest girl alive.

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