Day 74: Purple Progress

By on Mar 13, 2011 in The Unruly Ascetic, Uncategorized

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Well, I left Purple Heaven  today.  I left Mel and Susan (Kelly left us yesterday and we lamented the absence of her willowy, graceful, and downright silly presence at dinner).  I left the energy that remained from Kino and Tim and our two weeks of practice and teaching. As wonderful as it was and as much as I would be happy to stay there with all those wonderful people for ever and ever (and ever), I am not sad to be moving on. As I discussed with Megan on our cab ride to our new digs, this moment marks the transition from planned India time to unplanned “into the wild” time.

Granted, I do have plans.  I am all planned up through Meg’s departure on April 19th.  The significance of today is that when I left for India in December, I did not know what was going to happen TODAY.  I did not know where I was going to go, what I was going to do, or who I was going to be with.

So, just to fill you in… I am in Candolim (still in Goa), spending a week to integrate all the new information in my mind and body from 2 months with Sharath and 2 weeks with Tim and Kino, and I am with Megan.  I battled with myself over practicing with Rolf and Marci, but after discussing it with Kino, Tim, and my fellow assistant Audra (who spent the last 10 weeks with R and M), I don’t think it is the right place for me right now. I have had a breakthrough and I don’t want to be distracted by information from yet another teacher (especially, useful information that I won’t have the time or space to absorb, in the end only throwing me off my stride and making me lament how much I don’t know). 
I am in a moment of awareness that manifested in my body organically.  This awareness was confirmed, only hours after its original manifestation, by both Kino and Tim, who verbalized my experience in very different but complimentary ways.  I need time now to go a little deeper into this concept (do we ever really know mula bandha?) before I take 10 days to wreck my head in a cell in Jaipur (Vipassana baby!), where there will be no asana, writing, or communication with my much loved teachers.

Then it is time to hit the road! Meeting back up with Meg in Haridwar, on to Rishikesh, and to Gongotri and a treck to source of the Ganges.  Then I hit a bit of a gap when Megan leaves me to head to the states and I am left with about 10 days to occupy myself before heading to France (seriously, what was I thinking? “I love Kelley, and will go to France to see her” is what I was thinking).

But for now, I am loving this new side of South India I am seeing.  I am trying hard not to think about Kino and Tim (and how long it might be before I see them again) and I am relishing in the wonderful new, life long friends I acquired in my time in Purple Heaven.

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