Days 82-98: Copout.

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Jaipur to Rishikesh
 Okay, so I acknowledge that I am skipping some steps here.  I know that I have written nothing about the Vipassana, but you know what?  I think that it is silly to try to explain to others why an experience is so valuable and life or perspective changing.  I think the most we can do is just acknowledge that it was powerful and encourage others to give it a try.  So there it is, do a Vipassana retreat.  Patiently and persistently, you are bound to be successful.

I think the things worth blogging about are the ones that give you good stories.  Vipassana stories involve a lot of “so I was sitting in silence during the 8th hour of meditation on the 9th day and I realized, there IS sensation in the 3rd finger on my left hand!”  Not so entertaining.  I will say, though, that Rajisthan is crazy and Peacocks make the weirdest noises on the planet.

 Vipassana led to a couple of glorious days at Tony’s guest house in Jaipur with my meditation family, a missed train which led to a traditional Rajisthani wedding parade (marching band and dancing horses!), and a caught train led to a giant Shiva statue and Indian children touching my feet in Haridwar.  All of this was a lifetime ago, and that’s all the detail you’re gonna get unless you ask me personally.

Haridwar led to Rishikesh and the sceeeeeene.  I felt like I was back on Phish tour.  Dreadies and drum circles, bidis and chillums. And back again with Megan and her motivation to go into the wild.

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