List: things I like about India (part 2)

By on Jan 26, 2011 in The Unruly Ascetic, Uncategorized

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  1. Sharath
  2. my mosquito net princess tent
  3. hilarious road signs
  4. fruit stands (that never appear to close)
  5. fruit vendors who ask “eating today? eating tomorrow?” and chose for you a different fruit depending on your answer.
  6. enormous papaya
  7. teeny cantaloupe
  8. power outages
  9. being called MacGyver for having a headlamp during a power outage
  10. playing cards by candlelight even after the power has come back on
  11. fruit ice cream at Anu’s
  12. Crepes at Anouki’s
  13. rikshaw drivers saying “Good night madam!” as a greeting
  14. sunday conference 
  15. remembering that I have been to Hotel Dasprakash before (and Thali)
  16. “pure cotton”
  17. yoga strays (and inviting them in off the street)
  18. waving to Sharath from my terrace as he sits on his terrace drinking tea
  19. the smile Sharath flashes as he waves back
  20. a child being thrilled to receive a pen that says “Dr Ho’s Humble Pie”
  21. double anklet action
  22. Jason and his bike
  23. the adorable kid rolling incense
  24. sugar coated anis 
  25. sanskrit class in general
  26. Shambo, his laugh, his smile, the mischievousness he inherited from his Papa. Cutest kid ever.
  27. cafe coffee day
  28. potted cannabis in a restaurant in a Yoga shala
  29. green smoothies, thanks to the lovely Alyson
  30. practice
  31. practice
  32. practice

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