Podcasting with Peg

By on Apr 22, 2016 in The Unruly Ascetic

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Who likes listening to the sound of their own voice? I think I am one of only a few people who actually prefers my recorded voice to the one I hear between my ears. This podcast was really fun to record, mostly because Peg encourages me to ramble on until I get to my point and also to says what I think, no matter how undiplomatic or controversial.
I can’t say whether I’m reasonable or outrageous. I always feel like I say obvious things and am a bit surprised and confused by the responses. Generally people have been very sweet and supportive in their contact following this, but certainly not everyone. There are a few lurkers on the internet that like to use anything I write or say as proof of my immaturity, frivolity, and lack of respect for the solemnity of the practice. Well, anyone who knows me in real life can probably tell you that if something requires austere solemnity then it’s probably not for me. I’m not one for blind faith, competition or suffering for the sake of suffering. I don’t have to be wrong for you to be right.
take from that what you will.