Take Action!

By on Jan 16, 2011 in The Unruly Ascetic, Uncategorized

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I am not brave. or courageous.
I am not inspiring.
or at least not any more than you are. and you need to know that.
you need to know that in your heart.

I am lucky. We have been through this.  I have been presented with a number of opportunities to live an incredibly fortunate and blessed life.  Each of these opportunities has been presented to me by a person or people who care very much for me. As I see it, I have been offered these lives (or potentials for lifestyles) by  people, not so much by the universe at large.  Someone has said “this is what I want (or wanted) for myself, and I am also offering it to you.” I have tried to acknowledge my luck and appreciate all the gifts I have been given, but sometimes you can be lucky and it still is not the right thing.  You are lucky if you win the lottery, but how many lottery winning horror stories have you heard?

Maybe it is all just a test.  Could it be that the universe is dropping one desirable situation in front of another just to see if we are able to resist?  If we are able to say, no, that’s not all there is… and walk away.  To risk the loss of something really, really good for the sake of something great (but unknown)? Possibly.  Probably. What is existence if not an opportunity to learn and grow and face our fears. To face ourselves and our true desires.  To acknowledge what is action and what is inaction.  The Bhagavad Gita says “when given the choice between action and inaction, TAKE ACTION!”  I like it.  Taking action always feels right. Even if that sometimes means staying put and sometimes means packing up and jumping on a plane.

So now I am facing my luck head on. I am saying to the universe, “Okay, here I am! What do you want from me?” Rather than letting other people determine my path and settle into what I am told is a very fortunate situation, I am going to do all the things I have wanted to do and trust in my luck to catch me.  I have had glimpses of my own desires over the years, but never a total overhaul.  It is not surprising that the overhaul is so successful in bringing an intensity of happiness I rarely experienced before.

Thank you for saying that I inspire you.  Thank you for wanting to “live vicariously” through this blog. But know that you have an opportunity in every moment to live your own life.  It may not mean moving to India or giving away all your belongings. It may be as simple as taking a meditation or Yoga class and starting down a new path. Just don’t make decisions in the vain hope of fulfilling someone else’s desires or out of an obligation to acknowledge what fortune has granted.  Let go of what fortune has offered and demand something more.  Challenge luck to its fullest and face what comes.  Good or bad. Easy or hard. Fortunate or unfortunate. We’ll have to wait and see.

…and I love you, more than you will ever know.


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