the new normal

By on Dec 13, 2013 in The Unruly Ascetic

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Last spring I began having a new experience of my body during my practice. These sensations had persisted for a few months and when I asked Kino what she thought of it she told me that it might just be the new normal. That sometimes things change and they don’t change back.

and this got me thinking…

My life is a little bit nuts. I travel a lot. I teach in new cities and new countries, different environments and with different students, mentors, and bosses. I practice in even more varied circumstances and environments.  Ashtanga yoga is the constant that keeps my world from flying apart at the seams. because the thing is, I push the limits. I play the line of productive challenge and too much of everything.

This used to be really exciting.  I used to jump from one place, one experience, one best friend, to the next place, experience, and confidant.  It was exhilarating and I thrilled in recounting my stories and seeing people’s eyes widen at the the adventures I’d had and the adventures that were planned next.
But throughout it all, the practice was my constant.  I did my work. When I was told to teach, or asked to teach, I would. Ashtanga yoga provided a steadiness that I would have been lost without. 

and now, looking into my fourth year of practicing and living on the road, an itinerant aspiring yogi, I know that my life has become normal.  Somewhere along the line I made peace with newness, excitement, and living outside of my comfort zone. I became more adept at settling in and finding my place, but also more grounded in carrying my steadiness and sense of self with me.

Each new place brings a new normal. Just as my practice changes each day and over the months and years, life changes just as surely.  Sometimes those changes come quickly, we have openings and shifts in awareness, and sometimes they are gradual and come only after long dedication. Constant change is the only thing we can really be sure of. Embracing this change, its inevitability and the opportunities it allows us, will allow us the embrace the new normal and live each moment in the present.

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