the Yoga is working…

By on May 7, 2014 in The Unruly Ascetic

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I’ve discussed my motivations for going to Mysore… to eat dosa and make friends! and to deepen and further my practice of Ashtanga Yoga. But then I wonder, why do I want to deepen and further my practice of Ashtanga Yoga?

The answer is obvious (to me). because deep down, I’m a jerk. left to my own devices I am a living, breathing over-reaction.

I can’t help it (well, not on my own). I am easily overwhelmed. I worry about pointless things. I get my feelings hurt easily.  and the practice of Ashtanga Yoga gives me perspective. It gives me a controlled circumstance each day where I have the choice to be overwhelmed, to worry, to get my feelings hurts. or not. I give myself regular chances to consciously work toward staying clam and doing what I can to get the results I want (without throwing a tantrum when I fail).

So, sometimes I am able to stay cool when a bit of a freak out would be warranted. and those are the moments when I can tell the Yoga is working.

I recently had a student sustain an injury during practice. Although it’s not likely to be a long term problem (a simple dislocation), it was scary and painful for her. In the moment of pain and confusion there was no way to know, with certainty, that the problem would be easily resolved. I stayed calm and was praised for not being overwhelmed. But the real reason I stayed calm was because this student practiced Yoga. She practiced non attachment and equanimity. She stayed present and didn’t let her thoughts overwhelm her mind, her body or her breath.

She was an inspiration. The Yoga worked.