try less hard. you do.

By on Nov 2, 2012 in The Unruly Ascetic, Uncategorized

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is opening?  or sometimes it’s just pain.  this yoga business is hard and it keeps getting harder.  I was really enjoying those lovely few weeks where practice felt good, steady, consistent, managable.  and now it’s back to a whole slew of stuff I can’t do and weird phantom pains that I resign myself to.

But it’s not so bad.

Muscle soreness, even at its most intense, is not really pain in the problematic sense.  Maybe it’ll make you (me) want to be lazy or take an extra day off.  and maybe it will inspire you (me) to take Kino’s advice and practice anyway.  but differently.  to try a new approach.
Believe it or not, even the ever baller Kino MacGregor says we don’t have to throw down every day.  Sometimes just going through practice, doing each pose once, for 5 breaths, and moving along (even if you didn’t nail it) can be what you need to learn something about your practice.

I advised one of my mysore regulars to try less hard.  Today she said she tried very hard to not work as hard and that it was great and then she thanked me for the advice. so I toolk my own advice (and Kino’s) and just went through the motions of my practice without being all balls-to-the-wall about it.  and you know what?  it was fine.  it didn’t feel like I failed or like I hadn’t done my work. whew. what a relief.

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